Ekaterina Degot

Intendantin und Chefkuratorin
Director and Chief Curator Steirischer Herbst 20

Ekaterina Degot (b. 1958, Moscow) is an art historian, researcher, and curator. The focus of her work is on aesthetic and socio-political issues in Russia and Eastern Europe from the nineteenth century to the post-Soviet era. In 2018, she was appointed to a fi ve-year term as Director and Chief Curator for the steirischer herbst.

© Foto: Marija Kanizaj

Your personal highlights of the steirischer herbst’20?
The whole festival, of course! We are reacting to the current situation with numerous projects that envision a parallel universe in which there is no such thing as culture to calm the spirit or offer reassurance, and in which we reinvent ourselves as a media consortium. Paranoia TV is the name of our channel for the uncanny andunsettling, and it will be broadcasting from 24 September to 18 October on various frequencies.

I like to drink coffee with artists at Capperi! il locale.

Exciting venues in Graz?
The public spaces, where people come into contact with each other: the Bauernmarkt on Lendplatz; the tram stop on Jakominiplatz, a park bench in Rosenhain. Confined spaces with a lot of chairs aren’t so in right now.

Art in Graz is?
Finding a parking space

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