Fanny Justich

Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin FANNY & MARI
Founder and manager FANNY & MARI

Fanny Justich studied at the Graz University of Technology, and architecture in Paris. During her employment at an architecture firm, her passion for detail and furniture construction grew. Finally, in 2010 she established the label Fanny et mari. Fanny is responsible for the creative part and putting it into practice; her husband (‘mari’ in French) provides the technical know-how. The starting point for one of her works is always old things that she finds at flea. markets, on trips, or in shops. Together, the couple creates humorous objects that are suitable for daily use. You transform second-hand goods into unique new design creations. What is so appealing to you about old things? Old things always have a history and therefore a life of their own. Design from the ’50s and ’60s in Graz.

© Foto: Patricia Weisskirchner

Do you have any favourite spots here?
Die Wunderkammer in Glacisstraße and Café Wolf in Annenstraße.

Your personal favourite design classic?
At the moment it is a side table with club feet by the Austrian designer Max Kment, called Resi.

Buying furniture in Graz. Where do you go?
Paulina, near the Orpheum.

The most charming café in Graz?
Parkhouse in the Stadtpark

Form or function?
In my case, form comes first, but always with a function.

Your recommendation for vintage shop or a flea market in Graz?
Aida in Sparbersbachgasse and the flea market at the hall on Schwarzlsee.

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