Peter Schernhuber

Festivalleiter DIAGONALE
Festival director DIAGONALE

Since 2015, Peter Schernhuber and Sebastian Höglinger have been co-directors of the Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film which is an annual spring event in Graz.

© Foto: Diagonale/Sebastian Reiser

Graz – City of Design: your personal Graz design highlights
The works of the Graz graphic designer and artist Karl Neubacher, for example, for the Forum Stadtpark; Alice Stori Liechtenstein’s annual design exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg; the interior of Delikatessen Frankowitsch, especially the beer pump; the beverage menu at Ernst Fuchs Bar; the double spiral staircase in Grazer Burg; the interplay between architecture and exhibition design in the Künstlerhaus – Halle für Kunst und Medien; the patina in the old Rechbauerkino; the flower display at Burgfloristen; the facade of the Camera Austria; the botanical garden at the University of Graz; the work of the designer Alexander Kada; projects in which the brand developer Karin Novozamsky participates.

Design in your everyday life
I’m never without my pencil, because there is scarcely another tool that is as reliable as a good pencil. And besides that, sometimes it is even attractive.
Design & handcraftsmanship.

Design & handcraftsmanship.
Which store in Graz combines them perfectly?Which store in Graz combines them perfectly?

It might sound absurd, but the pretzels from Bäckerei Strohmayer that one can get in Graz, for instance on the corner of Herrengasse/Hans-Sachs-Gasse, are unmistakeable in their taste and appearance. Nothing fancy and seemingly unspectacular, but yet so authentic and actually only available in Graz like this.

What is your personal favourite City of Design?
Probably the cities that don’t go around flaunting the label.

A film director is your guest. Where do you take them to eat? What hotel do you recommend?
In the late morning, definitely for a sandwich and a tiny glass of beer at Delikatessen Frankowitsch. In the evening, and preferably without time pressure, to Laufke in Elisabethstraße. And if there is still time afterwards, then to Mr. Helmut in the Ernst Fuchs Bar. Depending on their preferences and expectations, one of the Helmut Marko hotels (Schlossberghotel, Lendhotel, Augarten Hotel, Kai 36) or the classically elegant Parkhotel in Leonhardstraße. The Weitzer Hotels (Grand Hotel Wiesler, Hotel Weitzer, and Hotel Daniel) are real classics in Graz.

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