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Pell Mell

8020 | Griesgasse 4
+43 699 17 25 68 16
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Mon–Fri: 10am– 6pm
Sat: 10am–1 pm

fb: Pellmell

© Foto: Stephan Friesinger

At their location diagonally opposite the Kunsthaus, two Graz fashion designers showcase their fashion labels kay double U and ODROWĄŻ. The collections lie outside the mainstream, running the gamut from yoga pants to evening gowns, and are notable for their individuality and sustainability. In addition to its salesroom, the Pell Mell project also includes a gallery in which guest designers can temporarily exhibit their creations. The space serves as a communicative interface for art projects and such interdisciplinary ones as the assembly Designfestival Graz.

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