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Les editions Artfabriek

8010 | Sporgasse 34
+43 664 140 66 67
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Mon–Fri: 10am–6pm
Sat: 10am–4pm

fb: LesEditionsArtfabriek
insta: artfabriek

Each image in your specified size!
We offer limited-print editions by contemporary artists, as well as design prints that are reproductions of works from the 15th to the 19th century. We also have a huge selection of vintage advertisements, vintage repro art, and posters. Our inventory presently includes almost 8, 000 images. What makes us exceptional is that almost all of our available images can be ordered in sizes ranging from postcard format to a one-off print measuring 160×400cm – or even as big wallpaper! And if you have a work that you would like printed, we will gladly digitise and print it for you. In addition, we do colour correction and print on wallpaper material, canvas, and more. We would enjoy showing you the entire collection in our showroom at Sporgasse 34, so please stop by.

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